Prayerfest 2022

Friday, July 29 | 9AM — 3PM

Join Our 40-Day Prayer Journey!

As we get ready for Prayerfest each year, we prepare our hearts by taking a 40-Day Prayer Journey (details to come). We invite you to join us this year as we pursue renewal through prayer and fasting.

Get Ready for Prayerfest 2022!



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What Should I Expect?

Prayerfest is a one-day festival of prayer. In an atmosphere of passionate worship, fervent praying and powerful preaching, unique expressions of the Holy Spirit are displayed that lead to an encounter with God. Over a six-week period, hundreds of people prepare themselves to meet with God at Prayerfest. God responds to the desperate cries and passionate prayers of His people for a holy visitation—by invading their lives with His power and glory.  Here are some ways to help you prepare for this special day:
-To learn ways you can ready your heart for what you will experience, click HERE.
-Come expecting a miracle from God!
-Expect the presence of God to descend at the event! Expect to receive major breakthroughs in your life.

Bring a Bible, a pen, and a notebook so you can capture whatever God speaks to your heart.

Dress in your own personal comfort. We will be praying and ministering to the Lord throughout the day.


Books to Read


The Kneeling Warrior: Winning Your Battles Through Prayer

A true Christian is called to fight. Yet there are times devout followers of Christ unknowingly allow their warrior instincts to dull. Many of us stand idle while an evil tyrant pilfers our finances, snatches our health, filches our marriages, and makes off with all the promises of the kingdomthe really good stuff God intended for His children.


The Path of Prayer

A powerful book on prayer that not only educates, but enlightens and inspires you to take your prayer life to the next level.

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Raising a Child Who Prays: Teaching Your Family the Power of Prayer

Parents will be equipped with practical exercises, sample prayers, and developmentally appropriate mentoring plans that will encourage their children to pray effectively now and into adulthood.



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