Prayerfest 2019
Friday, July 26

Prayerfest is an all-day celebration of God’s power and goodness. Friday, July 26, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., we will come together to seek the heart of God through prayer and fasting. And He will answer—offering healing and direction for our lives as well as the lives of our families and communities.

How to Prepare

Get ready to gain power through prayer! At Prayerfest, soul-stirring worship, praise and preaching give way to life-changing expressions of the Holy Spirit. Join hundreds of people throughout the region as we prepare to meet God. Here’s how!

Articles on Prayer

Learn how to use prayer as your go-to power source! Christians are called upon to, “Fight the good fight of the faith” (1 Tim. 6:12). Discover ways to build disciplined prayer habits; how to build a prayer shield around your life, your family, and your community; and grow closer to God. Read more!

Sermons on Prayer

Strengthen your prayer life! Get the tools and inspiration you need to stand firmly in God’s promises. Christ Church Senior Pastor, David D. Ireland, Ph.D., will inspire you with his teachings. Listen now!


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9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Christ Church
140 Green Pond Road
Rockaway, NJ 07866

Raising a Child Who Prays: Teaching Your Family the Power of Prayer

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In a society that is quickly abandoning its biblical standards, parents can create an effortless culture in their home that lends itself to the spiritual development of their child.

David Ireland, known for his dynamic teachings on prayer, provides a framework that helps parents elevate their prayer life, then parents can pass along the secrets to their little ones so they too may become spiritual giants over time.

Parents will be equipped with practical exercises, sample prayers, and developmentally appropriate mentoring plans that will encourage their children to pray effectively now and into adulthood. Learn more…

Charisma House (August 2, 2016)
224 pages | $15.99
Raising a Child Who Prays


Impacting Our Generation Through Prayer

In every revival, God responds to the desperate cries and passionate prayers of His people for a holy visitation by invading their lives and generation with His power and glory. In response, the people allow their tears of repentance to become liquid prayers for God’s purposes. They learn how to pursue God in intercession, and take up intercession as a lifestyle. These actions have, throughout history, transformed simple men and women into history makers.
On Friday, July 26, 2019, hundreds of men and women from around the region will assemble at our West Campus in Rockaway, New Jersey, for the sole purpose of seeking a transforming moment with God. With the assistance of gifted intercessors and worship leaders, we will learn and practice the spiritual secrets involved in building a life of prayer.
Join us at Prayerfest 2019 as we use our passion for Christ to seek God for a holy visitation and a transformational period of revival.

One in Christ: Bridging Racial & Cultural Divides

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Racial disharmony is tearing communities apart, both inside and outside the Church. But Jesus Christ is the great reconciler. Warmth, regard, and respect emanated from His person toward others—all others. Jesus was comfortable in His skin and this made others who approached Him comfortable in their skin. We too are called by God to build bridges, cross cultural lines, and model diversity in every area of our lives. In a divided society Christians must demonstrate how to practice unity, tearing down the barriers that keep us apart. Learn more…

Regnery Faith (March 26, 2018)
150 pages | $18.99
One in Christ



Equipping People to Become Kneeling Warriors
Are you looking for a way to strengthen your prayer life through biblical and experiential training? Then the School of Prayer is for you!
The School of Prayer is a biblical training offering three levels of training in the art of prayer; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Our students include clergy, prayer groups and leaders, churches and individuals from all Christian denominations who desire to be trained in intercessory prayer. With a total of 14 different sites, nationally, enroll in the School of Prayer and watch your effectiveness and knowledge of prayer reach new heights!


Expect the presence of God to descend on our prayer festival! Expect to receive major breakthroughs in your life. Expect to receive instruction at the School of Prayer that will revolutionize your prayer life.


Bring a Bible, a pen, and a notebook so you can capture whatever God speaks to your heart. The aim of this special time of prayer intercession at Prayerfest is for each of us to encounter the presence of God and experience the release of His power for breakthrough in the major areas of our lives.


Dress for your own personal comfort. Prayerfest is a relaxed and informal event. We will be praying and ministering to the Lord throughout the day, so wear what makes you feel comfortable.